CFP Games and Competition in Medieval Societies


Call for Papers

Games and competitions in medieval societies


14–17 February 2018, German Historical Institute Paris

Deadline: 15 September 2017

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Particular games and contexts have attracted wide interest in recent research. But further studies are needed on the cultural history of the ludic in pre-modern societies, with its all-pervasive character and relevance throughout society. The goal of this conference is to explore the elementary meanings of ludic aspects of leisure time in medieval societies, notably examining their agonistic character, in sport and in societal competition. In medieval life, games and competitions were spaces for power plays, communication, and contact between social ranks and between the sexes. Moreover, they offered a stage for the representation and theatricalization of social order and cultural practice. With evolving social and societal contexts, understandings of such performative idioms and their role in social life may need re-evaluation. And indeed, in pre-modern societies, more was at stake in the ludic: for members of every social and sexual category, games and competitions had an important role in the mediation and perpetuation of society’s order.

The conference seeks to open an international dialogue on these topics, covering the entire medieval period (5th to 15th centuries), with no geographical restrictions.

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Actes du colloque “Jeux éducatifs et savoirs ludiques”

La première partie des actes du colloque sur les Jeux éducatifs et savoirs ludiques dans l’Europe médiévale, qui s’était tenu les 23 et 24 novembre 2015 à l’Institut historique allemand, organisé en collaboration avec Francesca Aceto (EHESS) et dont voici un résumé ici ,a été publié par la maison d’édition Viella! Continuer la lecture de « Actes du colloque “Jeux éducatifs et savoirs ludiques” »

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