Conference Report: Educational Games and Ludic Knowledge

Let’s finish the year 2017 with a look back and a look ahead at the same time. Early 2018 will see the publication of the second volume of the conference preceedings on “Educational games and ludic knowledge”, to be published as “Jeux éducatifs et savoirs ludiques dans l’Europe médiévale II” with Ludica. Annali di storia e civiltà del gioco, vol. 23 (2017) edited by Francesca Aceto and Vanina Kopp.

In the meanwhile, we haven’t had the opportunity to post a very thoughtful conference report written in French by Adrien Belgrano back when the conference happened in november 2015. So here it is – both a huge shout out to all who supported and participated in our endeavour to study medieval games cultures in the past year(s) as well as an outlook on hopefully exciting readings and events to come up next year(s)!

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