Summer Readings

With the conference season finally coming to an end, academics or other researchers might want to reflect and think back on past events. I want to draw your attention to two opportunities for summer readings with reports on past events accessible online:

– the reports on sessions of the International Medieval Congress 2018 in Leeds are online. Some are even written by your humble scribe of these few lines, so some do even concern medieval games and competitions. Don’t forget to check them out!

– for those interested in a wider range of topics, the German Historical Institute has launched a new blog for articles and reports on their events here.

Bonne lecture!

IMC Leeds 2018

It’s that time of the year when many medievalists gather in the English city of Leeds to proceed to the annual International Medieval Conference, taking place from July 2nd to July 5th 2018. This year’s celebrating the 25th return of the conference with the thematic strand “Memory”. Out of 1903 (!!!) proposed sessions, this post will shed some light on the sessions dealing with medieval games and play.

But, before going through the program, please allow me to advertise the initivite run by our colleagues from Mittelalterblog, who, same as last year (same as every year, one might be tempted to say), coordinates a reporting crew that will do their best to update you on a wide range of scientific talks and sessions and thus make you live the IMC Leeds as if you were there! You might also want to monitor #IMC2018 on twitter or follow your favourite medievalists on social media directly. Your humble servant from this blog will try to do her best to keep up with the other reporting the scribes! So please check out regularly this post for a growing series of sessions’ reports.

If you are focussing on medieval play studies (in a wide sense), these sessions might be of interest to you: Continuer la lecture de « IMC Leeds 2018 »

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